Citrix and Nasstar: Desktop Virtualisation, build or partner?


Nasstar: Desktop Virtualisation, build or partner?
19 April 2010 10:00 - 11:00
Who should attend
This Nasstar and Citrix event is open to:
- All Citrix partners
- Sales professionals, drivers and influencers
- Citrix employees
What will attendees learn/gain/benefit?
Hosted virtual desktops has moved from concept to reality with over 50% of companies open to the
idea of adopting this type of service.
There are a number of question you need to answer to take advantage of this massive market
opportunity including which technology is best, what are the end users looking for, what service level is
achievable and should you build or partner.
This webinar will be delivered by Nasstar and will answer these questions and more as it looks in
depth at this exciting opportunity and how you can partner with Nasstar to take your hosted desktop
vistualisation solution to market.
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About the event
This event is a webinar hosted by Citrix and Nasstar.
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