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Microsoft WS2008 R2 and Citrix - Next Generation Managed Services

Scott Swanburg

With Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows 7 operating system combined with XenApp 6.0 and NetScaler service providers can offer applications to their customers like never before... As I write this I realize how much it sounds like a Marketing pitch.  I've said it so many times to service providers over the past 6 months I feel like I'm starting to sound like a broken record.  However, the reality is it's not just a Marketing pitch, it's the truth and when service providers start to use it, it will radically change the IT subscription services business for years to come. 

In the technology business sector the leaders are always on the cutting edge.  Although rare, this can be said of large service provider businesses as well.  To stay in front of their competition and provide differentiation, large service providers will even introduce the next big thing, and take the risk that it will gain adoption.  Such was the case with AT&T Wireless (artist formerly known as Cingular Wireless) when they deployed the first 3G network in America based on the worldwide GSM/UMTS standard.  The reason this was so ground breaking was it allowed for data and voice traffic to traverse the network simultaneously.  Something Verizon and Sprint could not do.  So you could be on a voice call and also be using data services such as email or web browsing.  It was a bold move and cost the company over $1 Billion to deploy.  In the end, the investment paid off because with the exclusive deal AT&T signed with Apple and the tremendous demand of the iPhone, AT&T has flooded their wireless network with data traffic (which by the way goes for $30 per month per iPhone subscriber).  This bet on the latest technology turned out to be the right one and helped AT&T maintain their position as a market leader in wireless data services.  But more, it added billions of dollars in revenues to their top line.

Now some Managed Service Providers around the world are looking at data services differently for IT as a Service.  And with the advent of WS 2008 R2 and W7 they have an unbelievable edge over MSPs who have not made the jump... especially when combined with Citrix technology for on demand applications.  You see, when implemented correctly, this combination allows service providers to deliver many aspects of client side virtualization up to and including the desktop.  When you combine that with a subscription pricing model, it will become game changing.  One of our Citrix Service Providers is leading the charge with this ground breaking offer.  A company called Nasstar located in the United Kingdom.  Writing about it only gives you a glimpse of what is possible.  If you'd like to see this approach in action, you need to go to Nasstar's web site and see the future today.

This may be the best kept secret in the industry... and if you don't believe me after you've seen this implementation, I'd love to hear why you think it isn't.  Services providers who want to offer IT as a Service (including application and desktop delivery) by taking advantage of the scale that Windows Server and XenApp offer will be a miles ahead of their competition.  When you combine NetScaler for Network Optimization this could be the next "iPhone-like" service that AT&T launched 3 years ago. 

Time will tell.

Source: Citrix

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