Partner Summer Incentives


Free money

We know that sometimes you have a lot of services to sell and we want to keep Hosted Desktop fresh in your mind at all times.  So for every Hosted Desktop seat sold in July, August and September we are giving an additional £10 bonus.  This bonus could be used to incentivise sales people, it could be used as a marketing promotion in to your existing customer base or even referral scheme.

How it works* - When the you sell 25 seats or more  in this 3 month period Nasstar will pay a £10 per Hosted Desktop seat bonus in High Street vouchers redeemable in over 20,000 high street shops (Amazon vouchers for partners outside of UK).  Even additional seats for existing companies qualify.  All opportunities  must be registered through Log a Deal and we willinclude any seats already sold in July.

For example sell just 35 seats in the qualifying period andget a £350 bonus.

Lead Generation Campaign

And to make sure you get the bonus we will run a lead generation campaign with you.

We will host a webinar for you to drive customer demand, to support the webinar we will run an email campaign to up to 10,000 emails andprovide supporting white papers.**

Choice of topics for email, webinar and white paper:

a)           Next generation desktop

b)           How secure is cloud computing?

c)           Why UK business are moving to the cloud

Nasstar will provide the webinar content, webinar platform and presenter.  Nasstar will provide email marketing including emailcontent, bulk email delivery and read/response stats (Partner must provide email contacts for email campaign).  Nasstar will provide supporting whitepaper in Word format for rebranding for the chosen subject.  We can run bespoke campaigns but these may not be covered under this free offer.


Nasstar are introducing  a volume discount

•            100 seats – £1 discount

•            250 seats – £2 discount

•            500 seats – £3 discount

When you hit volume targets you will get a discount. This discount will only be applied to new seats over the target triggers and in neworganisations. Therefore adding 20 seats to an existing organisation would notreceive the volume discount. However volume discount is applied to all seatsupon achieving 1000 seats.

And finally any partner delivering 250 new Hosted Desktop seats before the 31st of September will be given the full discount and thiswill applied to existing seats as well.

We are currently arranging meetings with each partner toorganise the marketing, if you would like to jump the queue please call Jamie Laridon on 0207 148 5000.

Small print

*Only seats billed within the quarter will count.  All opportunities including additional seats for existing companies must be loggedin advance through Log a deal.  Deals with bid pricing  may be excluded from the offer. Bonus payment at the end of each quarter, afterpayment received for each Hosted Desktop seat.

**Nasstar will provide the content, bulk email delivery and webinar platform.  The partner is required to provide the email contactdata base.  Partners may exceed the 10,000 email limit but will be charged at cost for the additional email distribution.  Bespoke campaigns can berun but Nasstar reserve the right to charge for the production of the content.All campaigns to run in July, August, September.

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